Repackaging of assets

Investors often have restrictions on what they can buy. Some assets are difficult to trade and require complex structures in order for investors to have exposure to these assets. We have noticed there is a strong demand for the repackaging of illiquid assets and this is why we created Aldburg, a Luxembourg securitisation vehicle. Aldburg can be used to restructure any kind of asset and issue Notes reflecting the overall performance of these assets. Thanks to Aldburg, our clients now have a broader choice of investments.


Aldburg S.A. is a securitisation vehicle established under Luxembourg law. It is authorised to issue Notes on a continuous basis. This means we can create tailor made compartments to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients. Thanks to its special structure, Aldburg does not bear any counterparty risk.

How Aldburg works
Aldburg purchases the Assets and issue Notes Investors buy the Notes
The Notes will reflect the performance of the Assets
Assets are held in segregated compartments at Citibank (custodian bank)
No Counterparty Credit Risk
No exposure to Cirdan Capital
Easy Distribution
Investors can easily purchase the Notes that Aldburg issues by simply communicating the ISIN to their bank
Flexible Services
Aldburg structure allows Cirdan to create different types of compartments to cater for the variety of requirements of our clients